Saturday, November 17, 2012

Celebrating Celebrity

Yes, it's that special time in our lives, we're almost done with school and almost ready to maybe try that whole music thing again. A month ago we flirted with disaster when we attempted to enter a song writing contest, there was no chance of winning but it wasn't the winning that interested us. The list of judges included Tom Waits, Jeff Beck, Dr. Demento and Wynonna, the possibility that one of them might hear our secular music, well let's put it this way, it was excreting. The only problem we ran into was that we forgot to write the song. However, that's only a difference of a few hours, but let's be honest it's hard to have a long distance bandship.

We are likely to see each other in person for the Solstice holidays where we will dress in all sorts of homemade costumes put together from all sorts of different things and go from village to village in order to bring blessings to others and drive away evil demons. Everyone will be glad to greet us and we will be given food and drink at each house. The head of this group is called the elder and he will carry a twig or stick with him. The twig will be used to spank the people that live in the houses where we will stop along the way. The twig has magical powers and when people and animals are touched with it the natural energy from the twig enters them. One of the most common types of masks are bear masks because the bear with his roar could frighten away all evil spirits. Then there is the ram where horns and a beard are attached so that the mask looks real and then the crane and this costume is specially made to resemble the bird with a long beak and the head is movable. Others prefer to dress up as death and make sure that they look like the real thing scythe and all. If you would like to learn more about our holiday rituals, please go here

During the two weeks we will be within 5 miles of each other, we might just find an hour or two and bang out a new album, don't hold your breath, but wouldn't that be a gift worth taking for this fancy capitclism season? We think so, we think so. Speaking of people we do this for...

We have great news, someone in Finland listened to Fuck You Tube on our Soundcloud page. Who ever that was we greatly appreciate it and are happy that we are invading the Viking territories, watch out we're coming for your Abbeys.

In news slightly less old than our old ass album, here is some music one of us did that took more effort. Enjoy the piss out of it, it's binding, sexy, and free.

Osaka Love Hotel  and  [sparrow] 

The UN