Sunday, July 19, 2009

Urination Nation New Material Update

Last night in about 5 hours we wrote about 2 minutes worth of music. Ok so those numbers are a bit misleading, I personally only contributed like 3 chords and the lyrical base for the structure of the song, the rest of the time I spent doodling and eating cake. Josh however having not written any music in a month or so, due to technical difficulties, went off and folks you are in for a treat. At first I could not believe my shitty little song was turning into this insane ear dazzling mindfuck. This by far is the most complex Urination Nation song to date, and it made me really happy that eventually we will be able to share it and blow everyone's minds as well. We are definitely raising the bar for whatever this next release will be. We have plans to get together again this coming Tuesday and hopefully finish up this first track and hopefully start another.

Depending on what songs we choose to include in this release, we already have 3 songs that just need me to finish the vocals, one of which is a cover. We have lyrics written for about another 4 songs, and perhaps another cover might be on the horizon. Don't worry we are not interested in doing covers of any songs you may know, so I doubt without specifically pointing it out that anyone will ever know. There is also a song called "Lemonade" which was specifically written to be entered into a MySpace contest, if we get it done in time it may just happen and then we will be asking all our 1 fan to helps us drive it right to the top, so we can get signed to MurdochSpace records.

So far the lyrical themes include Religion, RIAA, Lemonade, Gordon Brown, Satan, Being Different, Publishers, Abortion and Cops.

If you have suggestions for topics throw them our way.

In related news, finally after years of battling my laziness, the entire debut album "Urinous Anus We Pee" is available for download online. Just click on the down arrows and download any songs you may find tolerable. They are free to spread like the plague, we have no aspirations of glory or fame, we are far too ugly for anything like that, we just want to spread our dirty propaganda under the guise of fun.

The UN

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  1. Feeeel like makin' love... oh, ahhh!

    Write some lyrical content about that. Sex sells.