Saturday, March 14, 2009

How it all began?

The UN: (4:15:05 AM) i really thought I could do it, because Im so desperate to not be a janitor anymore, but then I realized that there is a reason Janitors dont Day Trade, they don't have enough money to even start and then 90% people who do Day Trade loose all their money while the 10% who are magically the same people that write the laws that make it easy for them to keep hiding the taxes they should be paying, while the janitor pays % wise a much larger amount in taxes while making much less money, Praise Allah
OL: (4:15:36 AM) why do you not have a blog
OL: (4:15:49 AM) honestly id read it every day
OL: (4:15:56 AM) and id link it to people to read
OL: (4:16:12 AM) you have more interesting stuff to say than 90 percent of the blogs i read

After that exchange I knew my path was clear, it was my destiny to join the wicked world of the blogs.

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