Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So after a clusterfuck of a good time.

I thought I had once and for all lost my accounts, for my fucking band. Fortunately for me, I figured out a way to get it back, and now I have a failsafe. It's really annoying that these days to have a password it has to be a long string of random numbers characters and whatnot, to the point where I have no chance of remembering it, so of course I have to either write it down or have the computer remember, neither option is favorable far as actual safety goes.

Sigh, anyhoo,,,,,,,

And now just to see if I can get the damn Blog back up, here's an update on the album. YES it is still happening, hahaha, 9 songs are musically complete but due to schooling we are taking it easy for a bit.

Anyhoo this is the link to the new instrumental song called Urethra Franklin

Enjoy it, or not, whatever, we won't be making an online push until the album is all done.

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