Sunday, April 29, 2012

So Far So Girdle

Just to get this out of the way, no there has been no progress on the album.  We have both committed to our education, in fact one of us moved across the country for it. So it is not currently viable to finish the album.  Also there were setbacks due to some updates, the program of choice we were both using to record no longer functions. Well one of us updated, but the other has not had the money or time to do so yet.  So again no progress, tho if you want to support us, help us get a contract from Roadrunner.

Yes the chances of that working are well there is no chance. I could talk about how our brand of PunkRoll isn't popular and so has no chance. However it's far simpler than that, you see all websites that claim to be some sort of easy way to discover talent have the same flaw. The company in this case Roadrunner has no desire to monitor the whole site or to listen to all the songs, so they give the task of weeding out the crap to the members. Unfortunately this leads to reviews of music that sound like "hey I dig your song I gave it a 10 please check out my song too". This self interest always leads to non genuine interactions. If you take the time and listen to the top bands on the site, you find out that they are generic and boring.  The difference is usually the production value, so this bar band raised more money to record a few songs professionally, it does not in anyway change the quality of the song writing.

In general song writing seems to be a lost art, I find people more stumbling upon it than knowing it. This is why we have Pussy Yankin and Ninki Minaj and others cut from the same pasteurized slab of shit.

The real reason Roadrunner even set up this site was to simply get people to come to their site. They have no interest in discovering new bands, they have no desire of helping anyone get exposure, it's all about traffic. So perhaps with that in mind, how about you don't go to the link above. 

In other good gay news, is not in anyway related to us, other than in name. I suppose I should warn you that it's not safe for work, but if you're looking at this shit at work then I don't really care if your employer installed filters to catch you looking at porn get you into trouble.  Maybe you shouldn't work for assholes to begin with.  In the words of Bill Maher "Fuck Your Jobs"

In the less hate filled portion of the post, one of us, well the one that did update their recording equipment and is by far the most talented has a musical project which is far as I know ongoing.
Here is a free EP from it  you can also enjoy a free EP of his other project which currently is not ongoing.

You may have noticed that much of our music is instrumental, this is because fuck you.

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