Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fuck You Tube (new song)

Yes this is a new song and it is called Fuck You Tube. You can enjoy the official release center area located here, you can also download it for free asperger usual.

Or you can just listen here.

If you would like to sing along, here is the only way to get it right.

Fuck you tube
fuck you tube
fuck you tube
fuck you tube

I don't like racism
I don't like censorshit
I don't like Vlogging
I don't like youtubeing

erotic hypnotic artistic humorous fuck it fuck it, that's what they
don't want to see
No dissent all the same, all the time, all the same, ethics morality
cloaked in vanity

They cant define offensive, they cant tell you why
they cant define bullshit, because that's what they are

Terms of Servitude, wrapped in money, to spread a message of control
over your mind
No reason no appeal, no way no need to feel, swallow it suck on it its
all you need honey

FCC Wannabees
FCC invite them in
Suck their dick
gauge their ass
its fun to eat

So what will you do?

Fuck you tube
Fuck you tube
Don't you tube
no you tube
scream it now
scream it loud
Join the fight
to free your mind
to free the internet
from fashist design

P.S. The truth is, this is not a new song at all, it was recorded just a tit bit after the first album, it was a visceral response to certain interactions we had with U2b in attempting to promote our selves. Basically it turned out that we were far too controversial for YouLube. This song has been shitting on a shelf for a while, so long in fact that we lost the original files, which is why the music is not mixed in any fancy way at all. The vocals were also quite challenging because neither one of us is really a singer, not that anyone has ever been stopped by that, the vocals were finished off a few days ago.
The UN 

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