Sunday, December 30, 2012

Music so cool we needed gloves to record it.

Yes, the future is finally here and we record just like every one else with enough money for an ipad. We would like to at this time thank Beatmaker 2, it's a deceptively simple program, behind those few buttons though lurk too many options to really get into at this moment. If we weren't both learning how to use the program, writing a song on the spot, and also battling the fact that we underestimated how cold an apartment without heat could get in Michigan, we might of gotten more done.

Let's put the foreplay to rest, yes we just did a sexy reunion, in an almost empty apartment.  It was an enjoyable experience, we recorded one new UN song and we ate sexy El Gallo Blanco Burritos. Who could ask for anything more?

While the song is just perhaps a hair from being ready for the sharing here are some explicit photos to whet yer whistles.

Perhaps the first ever band photo for us and as you can see we are photogenetic as fuck. This also gives you an idea of the set up, which really is just the Line6Pod running in to an iPad. The computer next door is just there to show us the lyrics.  Oh and speaking of lyrics.
The new song will appear online sooner than you can learn a new useful skill.

The UN

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